Doron Tenne Assistant Director (Res.) Israel Shin Bet – Security & Cyber Director

Management and consulting Intelligence, Cyber Secutity and all other aspects of Security Expert

Mr. Doron Tenne is a Senior manager and leader with more than 25 years of military, intelligence, and Security experience

Mr. Tenne excels at making decisions in a changing and complex environment and creates successful strategies and operative responses.

His leadership style is built around vision design, inspiration, professionalism, analytical ability and personal communication skills, which allows Mr. Tenne to direct large operational units and manage strategic and operational missions with great efficiency, and to great effect.

Mr Tenne is currently Group Executive Security Director at SICPA MANAGEMENT S.A, Lausanne. He was previously Assistant Director at ISA (Israel Security Agency) Training Division, Tel Aviv. He held different positions at Embassy of Israel, ISA office, in Washington DC, ISA HQ in Tel Aviv and Israel Defense Forces Intelligence, Unit 8200